PRP Plasma Hair Growth

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PRP Plasma Hair Growth

Get your Hair and your Life Back with Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

It can be traumatic for both men and women suffering with hair loss. Luckily there is a solution. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy can restore hair quickly and easily. There are several benefits to opting for RRP Therapy including:

  • The simple and effective procedure
  • Minimally-invasive injections rather than a surgical procedure
  • Natural-looking results
What can Patients Expect

PRP Therapy consists of an injection of the patient’s own platelet rich plasma (PRP) into the scalp, causing the growth factors in the blood cells to naturally stimulate hair growth. This therapy is perfect for both men and women who have experienced hair loss and thinning. Depending on the severity of the issue, several sessions may be recommended.

  • Affordable Services

    We regularly work with our clients to create payment and budget plans for their treatment.

  • Smooth and Healthy Skin

    No matter the procedure, our clients walk away with smooth and healthy skin.

  • Experienced Staff

    Our licensed medical and nursing staff have years of experience with all cosmetic procedures.

  • Quick Treatments

    Treatments are usually about 30 minutes, so feel free to come in during your lunch break!

PRP Plasma Hair Growth FAQ

  • Q: How long is the treatment?

    The treatment is at most 1 hour long, but usually is over within 40 minutes.

  • Q: How long is the recovery process after this procedure?

    The procedure is non-surgical and minimally invasive, so patients can often return the work the next day with minimal discomfort at the injection site. The PRP plasma hair growth procedure is comparable to getting a regular shot at the doctor’s office.

  • Q: What is the process of PRP Plasma Hair Growth therapy?

    First, blood is drawn from the patient’s body and spun to separate the plasma cells. The plasma cells are then injected into the patient’s scalp, which typically results in renewed hair growth.

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I’ll admit, I was always a little self-conscious about how my back looked. I needed a change, and my self confidence back. My back was always unusually hairy, and the thick black hair was not easy to get out at all. At first I tried to shave it, but I quickly realized that it was impossible: the h...
Julien Hurley
Julien Hurley
I got my mother a treatment at Millennium Med Spa for her birthday. I knew that she had been upset recently by the increased sagging she noticed in the skin on her face and the deep wrinkles she developed around her mouth over the years. At the consultation, the staff member speaking to us talked to...
Kaylin Wong
Kaylin Wong
Ever since I was a young kid, I’ve always been fit and athletic. Whenever I was unhappy with my body, I would exercise and try to fix them. However, getting rid of my double chin wasn’t as easy. The fat under my chin was so persistent, that nothing I did could get rid of it! At one point I got s...
Ambar Guerrero
Ambar Guerrero
I had always wanted to try laser hair removal on my legs. Ever since my first high school gym class, I realized that my legs were more hairy than most other girls my age, and I was extremely embarrassed. For years after I shaved every other day to keep up the appearance of smooth skin, until finally...
Chelsea Wilson
Chelsea Wilson
A few years ago I started shaving my chest when I realized that my wife absolutely HATED my hairy chest. Of course I wanted to make her happy, but after years of spending hundreds of dollars on expensive razors, suffering from cuts and bumps after shaving, having unbearably itchy skin during the reg...
Jimmy Boyer
Jimmy Boyer

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