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We answer frequently asked questions about laser hair removal, injectables and other services: like is it painful, what are the risks, etc. Do you have questions? Just ask!

FAQ: Radiesse

Q: Are there any side effects associated with RADIESSE®?

There are a few minor side effects that can occur around the injection site, including mild bruising, swelling, redness, and tenderness. The side effects usually do not last more than a few hours, and they are typically very mild.

Q: Does the RADIESSE® injection hurt?

RADIESSE® consists of a quick injection, and doesn’t hurt more than a sting. RADIESSE® has also been approved to mix with an anesthetic called lidocaine, which further eliminates almost all discomfort.

Q: How long is the procedure?

The RADIESSE® treatment is quick. The entire procedure doesn’t take longer than an hour. In fact, many patients elect to get this procedure on their lunch break from work.

FAQ: Laser Hair Removal

Q. How Long do Laser Hair Removal Treatments Take?

The time it takes to perform a laser hair removal treatment depends entirely on what area of the body you are looking to treat. For example, upper lip hair removal can take only a few minutes, while a large area like the back or legs can take up to an hour!

Q. What is the Consultation Appointment and Why is it Necessary?

At the consultation appointment, we will discuss what exactly your preferences are in terms of hair removal. We will ask you about the area you want to treat, exactly how much hair removal you want to see, which pricing package is right for you, and what your availability is. We will also explain how laser hair removal treatment works and answer any question you may have, so that when you come in for your procedure, you will feel comfortable and relaxed

Q. Do you have Membership and Pricing Packages?

We know that laser hair removal treatments can be expensive for clients. However, Millennium offers membership packages and pricing deals to make the treatments more accessible and affordable. When you come in for a consultation, we can help you choose the package that is right for you by price and desired result.

Q. Are all Skin and Hair Types Eligible for Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

Laser hair removal can be performed on all skin and hair types. However, because the concentrated beam of light is aimed at hair follicles and absorbed by the pigment, the treatment works best on dark hair because it contains more pigment. Although blonde, red, gray, and light brown hair can also be removed by laser hair removal, the treatment is generally more effective on dark hair. But don’t be discouraged! We have several types of lasers to accommodate all skin types and hair colors!

Q. How Experienced is Millennium Wellness and Med Spa at Performing Laser Hair Removal Procedures?

At Millennium Wellness Center and Med Spa, all of the medical and nursing professionals helping our clients are licensed, reliable, and have years of experience with performing laser hair removal procedures. They have been highly trained, and have performed these procedures for years. Because of this, they can effectively help all clients achieve their particular hair removal goals on any area of the body.

Q. Who Performs Laser Hair Removal Procedures?

Laser hair removal treatments are performed by medical professionals, who are all well-trained, reliable, and experienced in this field. There is always a licensed doctor there to oversee the procedure and to help answer patient’s questions and concerns.

Q. What Kind of Lasers are Used?

At Millennium Wellness Center and Med Spa, there are several types of lasers used for laser hair removal treatment. Each laser is distinct and works on different areas of the skin, and on different skin types. Common lasers used include the YAG laser and the Alexandrite laser.

Q. When Will the Results be Noticeable?

The results of laser hair removal will be immediately noticeable after the first treatment. Usually, there is about a 15-20% reduction of hair after the first treatment, and the patient can come in after 4-6 weeks after each treatment to further eradicate hair from their chosen area. After a few sessions, hair will be permanently gone from the body. In some cases, hair does grow back after several years, but it usually grows back lighter and is much less noticeable than it was before any treatments.

Q. Is there anyway to Reduce the Pain of Laser Hair Removal?

When you walk in to get your laser hair treatment, the area that is being treated will be cleansed, and sometimes a numbing gel will be applied to reduce the pain in the area. This numbing gel is usually used on small and sensitive areas, especially those on the face.

Q. What should Patients do After the Treatment?

Although there is virtually no healing time for laser hair removal, it is suggested that patients avoid direct sunlight from hitting the treated area, avoid the use of tanning equipment, and follow the medical professional’s exact after-care instructions.

FAQ: VelaShape

Q: Are there any side effects of VelaShape?

The treatment is relatively safe and there are no short-term side effects beside temporary redness, and no long-term side effects.

Q: How quickly will I see results?

Results vary from patient to patient depending on the aesthetic goal they have and what their body is like before the procedure. However, most patients of VelaShape can see results after the first session.

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