Sun Spots

Remove your Sunspots and Age Spots at Millennium

Whether you call them sunspots, liver spots, age spots, or brown spots, nobody likes to give away their age with skin blemishes and patches of increased pigmentation. They are known as sunspots because they often appear on sun-exposed areas of the skin, especially the hands, shoulders, face, and arms. However, age spots can also be caused by certain chemicals and antibiotics.

Fortunately, clients no longer have to live with sunspots!

Sun Spot Removal

At Millennium, we will cater the treatment on each individual patient’s needs. For sunspot removal, lasers and chemical peels are often used, depending on the severity of the blemish and which layers of the skin are damaged.

When patients come to a free consultation at Millennium Wellness Center and Med Spa, our staff of medical professionals can help patients decide the best method of sunspot and age spot removal for them, depending on their aesthetic goals and the existing damage.