Feel Great in your Skin, Get a Facial or Peel!

If you’re feeling stressed out or run down, getting a facial or peel may be a great way to pamper yourself and reduce anxiety, while also restoring your appearance and achieving a fresh look. At Millennium Med Spa, we offer several different types of facial treatments for every skin tone and type. If you have acne, wrinkles, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, or skin that just needs to be refreshed, come to a free consultation at Millennium!

Facials and Peels we Offer

Everyone’s skin is different and has different needs. Luckily, we have many different types of facial treatments and methods to help all of our patients. Facials and peels offered:

  • Chemexfoliation or Derma Peeling (chemical peel), which uses a chemical solution that removes the outermost damaged layer of skin on the face to show the smoother and healthier skin underneath.
  • Microdermabrasion, which exfoliates the skin and destroys dead cells for a more clear complexion.
  • Silk Peel, which infuses the skin with nutrients while exfoliating.