Remove Unwanted Hair, Anywhere on Your Body!

Do you have unwanted hair on your body? Tired of using painful shaving and waxing methods to remove it? You would benefit from a long term hair removal option like laser hair removal!

Our experienced and trustworthy medical and nursing staff can help make laser hair removal a safe and relatively painless procedure for all of our clients, no matter what their hair removal needs are. Our treatment can effectively help to eradicate those pesky hair follicles so quickly that you can even stop by for an appointment during your lunch break! With laser hair removal, think of all the money and time you can save when you will no longer have to buy or use expensive razors, shaving creams, and hair removal lotions.

Finally you can say goodbye to unwanted hair for good!

How it Works

Everyone knows that laser hair removal helps millions of people everywhere, both men and women, eradicate their unwanted hair from areas such as the underarms, bikini line, legs, arms, and face, but how does it work? The treatment destroys hair follicles by aiming a concentrated beam of light at the hair that needs to be removed. The hair pigment absorbs the light, which causes damage to the follicle and substantially slows down future hair growth. This process works on all skin and hair types, and especially on those with dark, coarse hair. Everyone’s skin is unique, and our medical and nursing professionals know this. That’s why we accept clients of all skin and hair types, and our talented staff offers a customized treatment plan based on our clients’ skin and hair removal needs. Although results differ from person to person, the results can last anywhere from several months to several years.

Many first-time clients worry that the procedure will be painful. However, depending on the client’s pain tolerance, the feeling of the laser is comparable to the snap of the rubber band and nothing more! Although laser hair removal usually requires several visits for the desired results, patients will start to see results about 1-3 weeks after their first treatment! Our staff will help clients determine how many treatments they will need and after the entire course is completed, clients will be pleasantly surprised to notice permanent hair reduction. No more razors, shaving creams, or painful waxing treatments!